Arken Token: Navigating the Next Chapter in Liquidity Migration on Viction

Arken Finance
3 min readJan 12, 2024

With everyone buzzing from the anticipation as Arken Finance unveils its strategic decision to strengthen connections with Viction Chain. Now is time for more groundbreaking initiatives, involving the migration of liquidity and bridged tokens, which marks a significant leap forward for both Arken Finance and Viction’s rapidly expanding DeFi landscape.

Strategic Shift to Viction Chain

In a move designed to fortify Arken Finance’s commitment to supporting Viction’s ecosystem and unlocking growth opportunities, Arken Finance will transition liquidity and bridge tokens to Viction Chain. This comprehensive shift encompasses both liquidity pools and the treasury, ensuring a seamless integration that enhances the overall DeFi experience for users across these dynamic chains.

This strategic move aligns with Arken Finance’s vision of fostering cross-chain collaboration and innovation, paving the way for a more interconnected and accessible DeFi ecosystem.

Incentive Pool Adjustment on Arbitrum

To streamline operations and optimize resources, there will be strategic adjustments on $ARKEN and incentive pool on Arbitrum, ensuring a more focused and efficient deployment of resources in line with Arken Finance’s commitment to providing a secure and user-friendly cross-chain solution.

Incentive Pool on Arbitrum

Arken Finance will be canceling the incentive pool on Arbitrum Chain. This includes the cancellation of veArken on Arbitrum.

  • All locked veArken will no longer be eligible to receive rewards.
  • Users with locked veArken can withdraw their veArken without incurring any penalties from 13 Jan, 0.00 UTC

Long-term Liquidity Pool on Arbitrum

More tactical refinements are geared towards optimizing operations. The adjustment on the long-term liquidity pool is as follows:

  • No new deposit on Long-term liquidity pool on Arbitrum, new users will no longer be able to deposit their $ARKEN in this pool.
  • Users with locked $ARKEN in the long-term liquidity pool will continue to receive ARKEN options

Token Adjustment

Arken Finance is also fine-tuning its token vesting structure for different allocations. The adjustments are as follows:

  • Team Allocation: 156 weeks with a 26-week cliff
  • Investor Allocation: 156 weeks with a 26-week cliff
  • Advisor Allocation: 156 weeks with a 26-week cliff

This carefully calibrated adjustment reflects Arken Finance’s dedication to building a sustainable and robust foundation for its ecosystem, fostering a long-term perspective for both the team and investors.


This shift, driven by a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and long-term sustainability. is set to open up fresh avenues for growth and potential in the constantly changing realm of decentralized finance. Through a shared vision with Viction Chain, optimizing streamlines processes, and refining token vesting mechanisms, Arken is well-positioned to explore exciting horizons. As we venture into this shared path, the outlook for Arken Finance is more promising than ever before.

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