Arken is Looking For Local Evangelists to Help Build International Community!

Arken Finance
2 min readSep 23, 2021

Hello, Arken community! Hope everyone has been enjoying trading on Arken Finance so far.

Now, we need your help in making the Arken Finance community even stronger. Arken is looking for passionate trader-volunteers who are interested in growing the Arken community in their city or region. As a Local Evangelist, you will bring users together, manage the local community, and build partnerships through local advocacy.

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What You Will Do?

  1. Becoming Arken’s local Telegram/Twitter account moderator
  2. Building a strong local community
  3. Encouraging local media and influencers to talk about Arken through collaboration
  4. Supporting Arken team with language translation
  5. Collecting user research, user feedbacks, and product improvement suggestions.

What You Will Get?

  • A chance to get a hold of ARKEN token (some free airdrop for you!)
  • Participation in ARKEN token presale round
  • Special insider access to Arken's roadmap, features, and marketing campaign updates.
  • Constant support and resources to lead your community successfully (budget support may be available upon discussion)

(Only individuals who pass all the requirements will be contacted back for an online interview)

  • You love our product!
  • You are living in the following countries: USA, Germany, Thailand, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Russia, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam
  • You can disclose your identity to the Arken team and can provide an official, verifiable document
  • You can provide a portfolio or past experience that will make you a fitting local evangelist for Arken Finance. Having experience with working with other DeFi projects is a plus.
  • You have a local media relationship/network
  • You accept to comply with our policy and design guidelines. More details will be given during the interview session.

How to Apply?

A Few Important Things to Note:

  • Local evangelists are volunteers that lead a group of Arken users locally
  • Local evangelists may not represent or identify themselves as Arken employees
  • Local evangelists may not provide advice inconsistent with Arken's rules and policy. The policy may include but is not limited to advertising or taking sponsorship from any product/token/service other than Arken and Arken Official Partnership nor giving financial advice.
  • Local evangelists may not engage in activities that harm other users, Arken, or Arken’s brand or reputation

If you are interested, Apply Now!